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Release Date - 11/10/17

Left-Hand Path is a Dark Souls-inspired Room-Scale Virtual Reality RPG where you hold the power of magic in your hands. Learn arcane gestures to cast powerful spells. Battle fearsome foes who give no quarter, and find your way through a weird, magical landscape in over 15 hours of dedicated VR gameplay. Cast spells, perform rituals, learn terrible truths and try not to die in this massive VR RPG. You awaken in a darkened castle – or is it something else? – full of dangerous creatures, a history of tragedy, and arcane powers that you can wield. From there, you’ll delve into the weird landscape of the Well Of All Rewards... Left-Hand Path is NOT easy. Prepare to die and die often. But, it's also not unfair. Enemies do have weaknesses, and you have the power of magic itself. You'll find your way.

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Left-Hand Path by Strange Company for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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