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Lone Echo 2 by Ready at Dawn logo
Release Date - Summer 2021

Could Lone Echo 2 be the first exclusive game for the Quest 2 platform? Will original Quest  owners be left out in the cold? Well, first off, the game hasn't been officially announced as coming to either standalone headset. Oculus hasn't spoken a word about it. But everything seems to be pointing in this direction. It's no secret that the Quest platform is infinitely more important to Facebook and Oculus than their PC based headset. Mark Zuckerberg recently commented that the Quest 2 could be the first "mainstream" VR headset. Lone Echo 2 has been delayed several times. If the game was only coming to the Oculus Rift store, it would surely have released by now. The XR2 chipset in the Quest 2 could have barely enough horsepower to run a watered down version of the game. Quest 1, not so much. Hopefully we'll get some clarity on this issue in the near future.

Coming Summer 2021

Lone Echo 2 by Ready at Dawn for the Oculus Quest 2
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