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Lost Cave Forgotten Second Story by SANBAE logo
Platforms - Steam
Release Date - 1st Qrt 2019
Current Price - TBD

Lost Cave: Forgotten Second Story is a new VR game coming from Korean developer SANBAE. This is an indie one-man studio hoping to deliver a magical VR adventure. In Lost Cave, you get to step into the ruins, where no human soul has traveled before... Your initial mission was to find the forgotten historic remains. You found much more than that. You've trespassed on the grounds of the Demon Lord himself! What happens next is something you couldn't have possibly imagined. Luckily, you'll have some help along your journey. A friend will provide you with critical assistance. Stand together and defeat the Demon Lord and disrupt his treacherous schemes. Hero, be brave, and I wish you a safe journey!

Coming 1st Qrt 2019

Lost Cave Forgotten Second Story by SANBAE for the Vive & Rift
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