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Release Date -3/28/16

I hear so often that Lucky's Tale is a good game, but it's just a platformer. The thing that is so frustrating about comments like this, is that Lucky's Tale isn't just a platformer, it's proof that games from a 3rd person perspective really work in VR. The other complaint you'll sometimes get is that the game is a regular controller game and doesn't take advantage of motion controls. Criticism like this is a bit bizarre, considering a controller is the proper way to play a 3D platformer in VR. The advantage that VR brings to the table is the fact that you are physically inside the world while playing it. This isn't a trivial difference. This is the whole point. Actually being inside a super colorful platforming world is something I could have only dreamed about in the Sega / Nintendo days of old.

Rating - 91 

Lucky's Tale by Playful for the Oculus Rift
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