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Release Date - 6/20/17

We've all heard the mantra that VR has no Triple A games. That all we get are short, tech-demo like experiences. Well, inXile Entertainment has definitely delivered a legitimate triple A entry with The Mage's Tale. This is not a bite sized sampler. This is a full-fledged Action RPG with a storyline and production values normally reserved for big-budget mainstream flat games. The Mage's Tale is also a graphical tour-de-force. Of course, this game was funded by Oculus, so that allowed inXile Entertainment to really reach for the stars with their first VR venture, and the gamble has really payed dividends. This is the kind of meaty VR experience that should be up there with Robo Recall, Arizona Sunshine and Super HOT as some of the absolute best examples of VR gaming available. The Mage's Tale is now available for HTC Vive gamers as well!

Rating - 91

The Mage's Tale by inXile Entertainment for the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

(Oculus Rift version reviewed)

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