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Marvel Powers United VR by Sanzaru Games logo
Release Date - 7/26/18

Oculus combined with Disney and Marvel to deliver another prime time VR release to their Rift platform. Sanzaru Games was tasked with handling the development duties. You might remember that Sanzaru already partnered with Oculus on two earlier projects. First it was Ripcoil, then later VR Sports Challenge.  We've been playing the final retail version of Marvel Powers United, and while the graphics and sound are spectacular, the gameplay tends to get extremely repetitive. The stages drag on much longer than they should. If only there was more story based adventuring with these iconic characters. Still, there's plenty to love about this title. If nothing else, it's amazing fan service and wish fulfillment for hardcore MCU aficionados.

Rating - 79

Marvel Powers United VR by Sanzaru Games for Oculus Rift
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