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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond by Respawn Entertainment logo
Release Date - December 11th

We've been wondering what Respawn Entertainment has been working on all this time (at the behest of Oculus). On the first day of OC6, it was revealed that the game was Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Many VR fans are somewhat surprised that it wasn't a Titanfall VR game. Instead, Respawn is going back to their roots. Way back in 1999, the first Medal of Honor launched on PlayStation. The game was developed by the same team that later evolved into Infinity Ward, and subsequently morphed into Respawn Entertainment.  Now the franchise is being brought to life in Virtual Reality. The big question of course is whether the World War 2 shooter will live up to the hype. Fans have been salivating at the idea of a Respawn VR game. We have to hope that Above and Beyond lives up to their lofty expectations.

Coming December 11th

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR by Respawn Entertainment for the Oculus Rift and Rift S platforms
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