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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond by Respawn Entertainment logo
Release Date - 1st Qrt 2022

Respawn Entertainment has recently gone on record, saying that they're going to work on bringing Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR to the Oculus Quest 2! Of course, actually achieving this feat, is another thing entirely. Also, we're not sure if this would be one of the very first Oculus Quest 2 exclusives. In that, you might actually need a Quest 2, rather than a regular Oculus Quest to run the game. Facebook and Oculus hasn't directly addressed the idea of exclusive games on the Quest 2 hardware, but the thinking was that if it happened, it would be some time off in the future. When it comes to Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the Quest 2, this might work out just perfectly, because the game wouldn't likely be ready till early 2022 anyways. Stay Tuned!

Coming 1st Qrt 2022

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR by Respawn Entertainment for the Oculus Quest 2 platform
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