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Megaton Rainfall by Pentadimensional Games logo
Release Date - 10/17/17

If you're a fan of Sci-Fi alien invasion movies like War of the Worlds or Independence Day, congratulations! This game gets you closer to a real life War of the Worlds scenario than any previous game in history. Pentadimensional Games knew exactly what kind of game it wanted to make, and this specific vision was brought to life. The alien craft that you battle in this game must be seen in motion to be believed. The way they move, the way they sound, they way they "feel". You'll endure an intense moral dilemma throughout this game. The sheer screams of terror from the tiny citizens demand your action. You're desparate to destroy the alien craft that is absolutely wrecking shop across the cityscape, but one stray missile shot could mean hundreds of casualties. You feel a responsibility to these panicked citizens to try your best to save them from the alien menace.

 Rating - 87

Megaton Rainfall by Pentadimensional Games for PlayStation VR
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