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Mervils A VR Adventure by VitruviusVR logo
Publisher - VitruviusVR
Developer - VitruviusVR
Release Date - 10/25/16

While the Oculus Rift had a great VR platformer on day 1, HTC Vive owners had to wait.  Mervils arrived months later, and it gave the Vive one of it's first platforming games. Unfortunately, many Vive gamers  tend to avoid seated controller games like the plague. I think they might be missing the boat by skipping out on a game like Mervils. Platforming action in VR is still a special treat, and you don't necessarily need every single game to use a first person perspective. My favorite level in Mervils was definitely the mine cart level, I know mine cart levels are some what cliché at this point, but it was still tons of fun.

 Rating - 77

Mervils A VR Adventure by ViruviusVR for PSVR, Vive & Rift

(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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