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MetaWorld VR logo by HelloVR for Vive, Rift and PSVR

Coming 4th Qrt 2018

Release Date - 4th Qrt 2018

MetaWorld - The VR MMO Simulation is an extremely ambitious project being taken on by developer HelloVR.  Here's the thing though... HelloVR has a very important partner, helping them with the backbone of this game. Improbable, a British tech simulation company valued at over 1 billion dollars, is supplying SpatialOS. This is the backbone of the game that will allow thousands of visitors to participate simultaneously online. MetaWorld, the game itself, is promising a persistent 10,000 square mile, massively scaled open world that will allow you to have "endless activities and adventure".  Could this be the beginning of an actual, legit, Metaverse? The game was originally slated for August 2017, but is still awol as of mid June 2018. Hopefully it arrives by this Fall.


MetaWorld VR by HelloVR for Vive, Rift and PlayStation VR
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