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Release Date - 7/27/17

Getting a VR veteran to get excited about watching a 360 video is akin to getting a teenager excited to have their Wisdom teeth pulled. Why's it so hard? Well, it's because most VR veterans have already seen 360 video after 360 video, coming away disappointed each and every time. It's like the Boy who cried Wolf. They've heard the phrase, "No really, this 360 VR experience is different. It's actually really cool!", so many times, that they no longer believe it's even possible. Well, when it comes to MiYUBi, these VR veterans are missing out bigtime! Felix & Paul Studios, a Montreal based VR Studio, created MiYUBi and debuted the 40 minute VR film at the Sundance Film Festival. It's drawn rave reviews from just about everybody that has had the opportunity to try it. 

Rating - 87

MiYUBI by Felix & Paul Studios for the Oculus Rift
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