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Moonshot Galaxy by Liftoff Labs logo
Release Date - 8/24/16 - 5/9/17

Moonshot Galaxy is a VR game like no other. Play your way through planetary challenges in exotic branches of the galaxy at your own pace. Designed for comfort, anyone can pick it up and play - though reaching the top of the leaderboards will put your skills to the test. The polished presentation and endlessly addictive game-play of Moonshot Galaxy make it an excellent choice for VR veterans and newbies alike. Will you crush the final volcano? Will you cry into your headset? Will you earn a high five? These are important questions you need answers to. This is your galactic quest, should you choose to accept it. Good Luck.

Review Coming Soon

Moonshot Galaxy by Liftoff Labs for the Vive, Rift and PSVR
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