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Release Date - 2/27/18

When it comes to VR gaming, most players expect a game that puts them physically into the game world. Standing up with a Move controller in each hand, one representing a sword, the other a shield. These same gamers express disappointment when hearing about a 3rd person VR game that doesn't follow this trend. What a shame it would be if they end up missing out on an amazing puzzle platformer like Moss. The game tells the story of an adventurous young mouse named Quill. The unique thing about Moss, is that while you control the movements of Quill, you're physically in the game as well! You're a team. You'll have to manipulate levers and platforms to help Quill on her brave adventure. Spectacular graphics and high quality sound design help bring this magical cartoon to life.

Rating - 88

Moss by Polyarc for PlayStaion VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

(PlayStation VR version reviewed)

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