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Release Date - 8/24/16

So, here's the thing about Obduction in VR... The game shows some tantalizing promises of what a modern day point and click adventure can be in VR. However, you'll have to deal with a ton of headache and heartache to see this brilliance. The game is something of a performance hog. If you don't have a very high-end PC rig, you should probably look elsewhere. Even if you do, you'll still probably suffer from some performance issues. Despite all of this, Obduction does some things better than any other current VR game. There are tons of animations going on in the environment. The way trees and grass sway in the wind, the way the water flows down the stream, it really gives the game an extra something. This will be a game to revisit in a few years with a much more powerful PC.


Rating - 84

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