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Ocean Rift by Llyr ap Cenydd  logo
Release Date - 5/21/19

Ocean Rift originally launched on the Oculus Rift platform, way back in April of 2016 when Virtual Reality was first getting started. Well over a year later, it arrived on Steam. Now, the celebrated underwater experience is available on the Oculus Quest platform! It's the world's first VR aquatic safari park. Explore a vivid underwater world full of life including dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, rays, whales, manatees, sea lions and even prehistoric animals! You are free to swim around each of the fourteen habitats using innovative motion controls. Activate the education mode to learn more about the animals you come across. There are over forty fully narrated information points to find.

Review Coming Soon

Ocean Rift by Llyr ap Cenydd for the Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest platform
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