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Oculus Dreamdeck by Oculus Rex logo
Release Date - 3/28/16

Way back on March 28th of 2016 the original Oculus Rift launched into stores. At the time, Oculus knew they had to have some killer demo material. Something that could quickly show the uninitiated what Virtual Reality is all about. Enter developer Oculus Rex. This internal team at Oculus put together a package of various sequences that nascent VR players could try. An introduction to the Oculus Rift if you will. Dreamdeck takes the player through a number of varied VR demo's without spending too long on any one scenario. There's some truly memorable stuff in this collection. The big lizard over there makes a grand entrance to be sure. But there are a number of other samples that are equally as impressive. Top notch demo material.

Rating - 86

Oculus Dreamdeck by Oculus Rex for the Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S platforms


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