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Release Date - 7/30/20

Since the arrival of VR, we've been wondering if a standard online FPS would work. With the arrival of Onward, we at least know that a realistic, tactical military sim sure does. This isn't a twichy Call of Duty type arcade shooter. This game is deep, and the learning curve is somewhat daunting. You'll likely be using every single button on both Oculus Touch controllers. Physically pulling pins on grenades,  and  doing other similar actions normally reserved for a button press. At certain points, you might think the controls are a bit too involved, but if you stick with it, eventually you'll have all the necessary maneuvers memorized. This is when Onward truly shines. We gotta hope the Quest version will live up to the spotless reputation of it's bigger brother on PC-VR.

Review Coming Soon

Onward by Downpour Interactive for the Oculus Quest
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