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Release Date - 10/19/17

One thing the VR market has in great supply is horror games. The genre fits the format like a glove. They're a marriage made in Heaven. Still, you might think Outer Brain Studios were foolish to try to compete in such an overcrowded marketplace. Amazingly, not only are they competing, in some ways they are besting the competition. Organ Quarter does have it's share of flaws. The graphics are simplistic and minimalist in nature. You won't confuse this game with Arktika.1 or Robo Recall. The biggest flaw however, is the combat. In fact, the combat brings down what would have possibly been one of the Top 5 VR horror games. Saving the game from it's mediocre combat is the environment and atmosphere of the Organ Quarter apartment complex. You can't shake the feelings of  oppression and hopelessness as you wander these decrepit halls. This is a nightmare scenario brought to life absolutely brilliantly.


Rating - 87

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