Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record by Wildman Inc. and Sega logo
Release Date - 3rd Qrt 2020

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record is a dramatic VR shooter. You can relive sections from each of the famous Sega Saturn releases: "Panzer Dragoon", "Panzer Dragoon Zwei" and "Panzer Dragoon Saga". This is a brand new work, allowing the player to enjoy episodes of the trilogy with completely new graphics in the first person perspective, optimized for VR headsets. Your motion controller turns into the handgun of the dragon rider. Wildman Inc. the developer that is working with Sega on this project, has announced that specific VR platforms will be revealed soon. We believe PSVR and PC-VR is a sure bet, with the Oculus Quest being a possibility.  Wildman Inc. might sound unfamiliar, but they released a game called "The Gunner of Dragoon", that impressed Sega enough to give them an official Panzer Dragoon project.

Coming 3rd Qrt 2020