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Release Date - 1st Qrt 2021
Pavlov: Shack by Vankrupt Games for the Oculus Quest

Originally, we thought that Pavlov was headed to the Oculus Quest Store (officially), early this year. Unfortunately, the official version has been delayed till early next year. However, there's nothing too major stopping Quest owners from playing Pavlov on their standalone this very instant. All you need to do is "sideload" the game using a program called SideQuest. For more information, head over to the davevillz Discord server located here:
Pavlov is fast, easy to pick up and play, and one of the more enjoyable multiplayer FPS games currently available. At least on PC-VR platforms it is. The Quest version that you can already sideload is beloved by many, so hopefully the final official version will be even better!


Coming 1st Qrt 2021

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