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Phantom Covert Ops logo 54p.jpg
Release Date - 6/25/20

Phantom: Covert Ops, is a brand new game headed to the Quest and Rift courtesy of nDreams and Oculus Studios. The trailer you see down below is the Oculus Quest version of the game. nDreams came up with an interesting premise for this stealth adventure. It seems you play the entire game seated, as though you're inside a canoe, while carrying out infiltration and sneak attack missions. You'll use an assault rifle, sniper rifle, as well as grenades and other explosives. You'll try to stay hidden as long as humanly possible, then surprise the enemy with a last second sneak attack. The unique thing about this game is that you'll be playing it seated, but it's completely first person, and designed for realistic immersion. Somewhat rare for a seated game.


 Review Coming Soon

Phantom Covert Ops 5p.jpg
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