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Release Date - July 28th

Finally! We have a real release date for the PSVR version of Pistol Whip! The game will arrive on July 28th for Sony's VR platform. Pistol Whip has been available on PC-VR and Quest for awhile now, and in that time it's cemented itself as one of the very best VR games available. The quick elevator pitch for Pistol Whip is that Beat Saber and Super HOT had a baby. Which is pretty accurate if you really think about it. You're basically John Wick, in a John Wick style movie trailer.All you have to do is shoot all the bad guys while staying in rhythm with the soundtrack. The question is, do you focus on your shooting or staying in sync with the rhythm? It's quite challenging but also very fun!

Coming July 28th

Pistol Whip 11.jpg
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