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Developer - Geronimo Interactive
Release Date - 10/20/16

Pixel Gear is a wave shooter that has been available on the PlayStation VR for a very long time, but recently arrived on Steam as well. While we all need another wave shooter like we need a hole in our heads, there is something somewhat unique about Pixel Gear. There is this retro appeal to it that is sneaky, but it's there, just under the surface. It's almost like this is a Super Nintendo lightgun game from some parallel dimension, where VR didn't die the first time. There is something about the sound effects and graphical touches that really makes the game seem significantly better than it probably is. When you get down to brass tacks, it is indeed a wave shooter, but if you have any nostalgic feelings for lightgun games and the 16-bit era, you might find this a guilty pleasure.

 Rating - 78

Pixel Gear by Geronimo Interacitve for the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive

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(HTC Vive version reviewed)

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