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Release Date - 10/13/16

What started out originally as a number of various demos to show off the power of PlayStation VR turned into one of the best pieces of software for the new gaming platform. SCE London Studio really flexed their muscle with London Heist. Probably too short to be it's own game, it's still one of the most impressive experiences you'll ever have in a headset. It's literally like being inside a Guy Ritchie gangster movie. Like seriously!  When I was in that truck shooting at the bad guys and looking over at the driver, I thought to myself, "Man, this is crazy. The visual fidelity isn't quite there yet, but one day we will legitimately participate in interactive movies, because this is already pretty darn close." The shark tank thing isn't any joke either. Try not to flinch when that Great White makes a mad dash at your exposed cage.

Rating - 88

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