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Predator VR by Phosphor Studios logo
Release Date - 1st Qrt 2020

There was a rumor not too long ago that a Predator VR game was coming to PlayStation VR. Later it seemed that the rumor was bogus. Well, now we know that Predator VR is indeed a real thing, and it's headed to PC-VR platforms in the not too distant future! Phosphor Studios, the team behind the underrated Brookhaven Experiment is handling development duties for publisher FoxNext VR. Unfortunately, we don't have too much additional information to go on at this point. The biggest question of course is whether this is going to be a bite size adventure similar to the Planet of the Apes VR, or will this be a bigger, expansive production? The idea of a Predator game in VR makes a ton of sense, especially if the player can be the Predator and enable the advanced heat vision capabilities. 


Coming 1st Qrt 2020

Predator VR by Phosphor Studios for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed-Reality platforms
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