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Release Date - 3/5/15

Project Cars by Slightly Mad Studios is one of the first full featured racing games to work in VR. It can provide an extremely immersive VR experience if you have the full wheel setup along with an absolute beast of a PC.  This game is notorious among the VR community for being optomized poorly for VR. Some of the highest-end gaming PC's still struggle to run it well. I have to admit that I'd probably prefer to play Assetto Corsa over Project Cars. Yes, I know that Assetto Corsa doesn't have VR menus, and you have to take the headset off to set it up in-between races, which is super annoying. Still,  it just seems to run much more smoothly when actually playing. I really hope Slightly Mad Studios does a much better job with VR support in Project Cars 2.

Rating - 80

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