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Rating - 86

Release Date - 9/22/17

Project Cars 2 by Slightly Mad Studios is a simulation, not an arcade racer, so be prepared to be frustrated if you're used to the latter. Instead of gripping the road, like in an arcade racer, the cars will easily spin out if you oversteer. I found the default AI of the other racers extremely difficult, but luckily the game lets you adjust that, so I'm able to win races now. With a steering wheel, pedals, and shifter, the game takes on a completely different vibe and flavor. The game is a lot of fun, and I personally rank it up there with Dirt Rally as two of the best VR racing games available. One of the biggest negatives of Project Cars 2 is that the game is quite demanding, and if you have a lower spec PC you'll probably be dealing with reprojection during your play sessions. There is also a weird problem where something will flash on the screen for a split second and then go away.  Hopefully Slightly Mad Studios will fix this in a future patch.


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