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PROZE Episode 1 by SignSine
Release Date - November 2018

PROZE is a VR survival adventure. Set in both the past and present, it’s a story of friendship, duty, fear and dignity. Explore a Cold-War era military research facility, deal with the anomalies, solve the puzzles, and find out the answers. In PROZE, you follow two connected stories. The first one happens in the 1970’s, where a Soviet engineer, who works at a secret research base is discovering its true purpose. The second part takes you to the modern day and is about a group of friends who are trying to find out the truth about the facility. Both parties will have to face a massive conspiracy that runs for decades and has left terrible consequences

Coming November 2018

PROZE Episode 1 by SignSine for the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
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