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 Rating - 83

Release Date - 2/21/17

Psychonauts and the Rhombus of Ruin is a well crafted and highly entertaining point and click adventure from Double Fine Productions. The question of locomotion was sidestepped completely by your ability to take over the body of other characters and creatures. This unique transportation method actually works quite well within the set pieces that have been designed painstakingly for this title. Everything is highly polished and refined. The graphics and sound all work in concert to bring this vision to life. Although it's meant to be a seated experience, I actually recommend playing this one standing up, otherwise you'll end up with various kinks in your neck from constantly turning around in your chair. I've also got to mention the length. You can get through this whole experience in under 2 hours, and after one time through, there's not a lot to make you want to try it again. The $20 cost isn't too harsh, but it really depends on your own personal feelings on the price to length value ratio.


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