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Publisher - Alvios Inc.
Developer - Blueteak
Release Date - 12/19/16

One thing most Vive owners learned quickly after playing Longbow is that the act of shooting an arrow in VR can be extremely satisfying. The haptic feedback your controller gives you,  that real sensation of pulling back the string and letting the arrow fly. Other developers quickly pounced on the idea of building a game completely around Archery. QuiVR has taken great advantage of this concept.  The key to the game is that the arrows will fly in a realistic flight path that is very consistent and predictable. It takes practice to get a feel for it, but once you have that feel, you're good. The hit detection is also very solid. If you miss a shot, you know that it was actually your fault.  If there is any real downside to the game, it's that the one basic environment can get a bit tiring after awhile. Still, the multiplayer gameplay can be absolutely magical at times, and the dev of the game is extremely active, constantly updating and improving the title.


Rating - 83

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