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Readout First Contact logo by Dual Mirror Games for PSVR
Platforms - PlayStation VR
Release Date - 4th Qrt 2017
Current Price - TBD

Readout First Contact is a new VR game coming from Dual Mirror Games, based out of Seville, Spain. The description of the game reads "Year 2267, humanity has colonized different galactic systems near the sun, calling themselves the supreme race of the galaxy, until they met with the "swarm" a predatory, chilling, and superior race to anything known. Now, humanity has to fight against this terrible enemy to survive! Help human kind see the morning sun!" Watching the debut trailer of this game, it's pretty obvious that you're piloting a space ship and blasting alien baddies out of the sky. We don't know yet if DMG is doing anything particularly unique with this game, beyond what we get from say something like EVE: Valkyrie.


Coming Soon

Readout First Contact by Dual Mirror Games for PlayStation VR
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