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Release Date - 9/2/16

Redout is the first internal IP developed by 34BigThings. The idea is that they would make a spiritual successor to Wipeout, F-Zero and other anti-grav racers of the late 90's. Technically, this is a flat game with VR support included as a bonus, so some things might feel slightly janky. For example, the HUD is probably more useful when playing on a monitor. The game feels more like Wipeout to me than F-Zero, with fantastic handling that has just the right amount of sway and drift. If anything, the handling is almost too forgiving. The A.I. of the other racers is extremely aggressive, and the music certainly harkens back to 1996 era electronic dance/trance music. It really has that Wipeout feel in spades. This is a controller game with a 3rd person camera, so if you only want that first person immersion, you'll have to look for another racer.


Rating - 79

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