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Richie' Plank Experience by Toast logo
Release Date - 6/27/19

You’ll be amazed at your body’s response to being eighty stories up in Richie’s Plank Experience - feel your stomach flip and your palms get sweaty, and that’s if you can make it out to the end of the plank! It’s the best experience for showcasing the powerful emotional and physical response that VR creates, and specifically designed to entertain friends and family. Take it up a notch by using our world-first Plank Cloning System to bring a real world plank of almost any size and shape into the VR world.  Also includes five extra game modes including Nightmare, three flying superhero missions and sky writing! We hope to have a micro-review of this game soon, but the early word among Quest players is that this is an extremely enjoyable title for the whole family.

Review Coming Soon

Richie's Plank Experience by Toast for the Oculus Quest
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