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Release Date - 3/1/17

We've been waiting very patiently for our first AAA game in Virtual Reality, and if Robo Recall doesn't fit that bill, it's awfully close. When I play this game, I can't help but think of classic Sega arcade games from the mid to late 90's. This game was made by Epic Games, but it really feels like it was developed by Yu Suzuki and the  AM2 team from Sega of Japan. From the second the intro loads up, I'm reminded of mid 90's Sega arcade games production values. Espeically Sega Rally and Daytona USA. The menus really give off that feeling. The background music (especially during the intro) also gives the game a very retro vibe. The graphics of course, are anything but retro. It's about as next-gen as VR gaming gets right now.

Rating - 96

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