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Release Date -3/23/17

Rating - 86

The single biggest issue that Harmonix had to deal with, in bringing their beloved franchise to VR, was how to actually incorporate the play mechanics. Normally you'd stare intently at the note highway, to follow the songs perfectly. In VR, this would be a huge waste. The whole point of being in VR, is to experience the sights and sounds that are happening all around you. So, Harmonix ditched the note highway. Instead, you play the game more like you're jamming together with some buds in a garage. It's more freestyle in nature. Diehard Rockband veterans might find the changes somewhat off-putting at first, but once you understand that the idea is more about the "feeling" of being onstage, then you learn to just go with the flow and have a great time. New DLC songs are now being made available as well, which gives a boost to the already included playlist.


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