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Rogan The Thief in the Castle by Smilegate Entertainment logo
Platforms - Steam & Oculus Store
Release Date - Spring 2019
Current Price - TBD

Smilegate Entertainment appears poised to tackle two significant genre's that pique VR gamers interests. Dungeon Crawlers and Stealth games. Unknightly by Portal Studios is a perfect example of this specific genre hybrid. While Rogan isn't expected till Spring 2019, the debut trailer is impressive indeed. Graphically, the game appears to be a cut above Unknightly. On the other hand, Unknightly was known more for it's high quality gameplay than it's graphical splendor. If Rogan can capture the same level of gameplay accuracy, while including gorgeous graphics for good measure, then we have reason to put Rogan on our Spring 2019 wish lists. If there's one critique we have regarding the trailer, we think the voice acting is a bit lackluster. The game is set in the Dark Ages, but the voice acting reveals modern day dialects.


Coming Spring 2019 

Rogan The Thief in the Castle by Smilegate Enterainment for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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