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Sairento VR by Mixed Realms logo
Release Date - 12/21/16

Sairento VR combines the visual aesthetic of futuristic Japanese cyber-punk with frenetic wave shooter gameplay ala Raw Data and Super HOT. Ultimately, it's a standard issue wave shooter, but it's certainly one of the more stylish and high-end wave shooters we've seen so far. Developer Mixed Realms also seems to be going for a bit of a Max Payne / Matrix type feel as well, with the slowing down of time being one of the key gameplay mechanics. You can jump into the air, slow down time, shoot down some evil ninjas, then land on the ground only to slice and dice a few more ninjas for good measure. The other awesome thing about this game is that the developers, Mixed Realms, are constantly improving and tweaking the gameplay.


Rating - 86

Sairento VR by Mixed Realms for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
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