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 Coming July 12th

Release Date - July 12th 2018

Seeking Dawn appears to be another VR game going for the appeal of high-end graphics and fast action. Developer Multiverse Entertainment puts you into an immersive alien "death world" chock-full of interesting flora and fauna, unknown dangers and wonderful delights. If you watch the trailer below, you'll probably think that Artika.1 might have some competition in the most graphically impressive VR game category. Of course, we've seen before that game trailers can make a game seem lightyears better than it really is. I'll remain a bit skeptical about Seeking Dawn until I hear of more first-hand impressions from people that have actually tried the title. It still remains very high on my most wanted list, however. Rumors have been swirling recently that this game will end up on PSVR somewhere down the line.

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