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Separation by Recluse Industires Logo
Release Date - January 2020

Are you ready for the ultimate virtual retreat? Separation is a journey into solitude, desolation and mystery. Atmospheric and ambient, with unhurried meditative gameplay, Separation offers an escape from the noise of an overconnected world. It is a place to explore and reflect, a refuge for those seeking solace, a hidden place of windswept sand and ruins. Awakening, alone, only her whispered plea breaks the silence: "Don't go back to sleep... It's been so long since I had a visitor..." Derelict structures, abandoned engineering. The echo of your footsteps, the faint hum of power, deep within. Separation features a soundtrack of over forty minutes of ambient electronica by Vector Lovers.

Coming January 2020

Separation by Recluse Industries for the PlayStation VR platform
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