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Shadow Legend by VitruviusVR logo
Release Date -January 21st

We heard quite some time ago that Shadow Legend was coming to PSVR, but developer VitruviusVR went radio silent for what seemed like forever. Well, the silence has ended. Shadow Legend is headed our way on January 21st.  Of course, the huge question we have about the upcoming title is how watered down will the experience be? Shadow Legend VR on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, powered by a high-end PC is a magnificent achievement. No question about it. But getting the gorgeous game running on a vanilla PS4 is another story entirely.  We're super curious to see just how much of Shadow Legend's brilliance shines through on the PSVR version. One thing we do know, is that the game will feature two extra levels, in addition to many bug fixes and tweaks. We're looking forward to checking it out!

Coming January 21st

Shadow Legend by VitruviusVR for PlayStation VR
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