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Free Spider-Man Homecoming VR experience on June 30th!

Sony's new Spider-Man homecoming movie hit's movie theaters nationwide on July 7th, but thanks to Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, a special VR experience will arrive one week earlier to the three major VR platforms. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR owners will be able to try this new experience starting on June 30th.

"Spider-Man is the most beloved superhero in the world, so we knew Spider-Man™: Homecoming VR had to be something special. Fans can wear the suit, fire the new web shooters - THWIP! - and swing through the air in a faceoff with The Vulture. It's every fan's fantasy turned into virtual reality," said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality at Sony Pictures.

Previously, Sony Pictures VR had released Passengers VR, based on the sci-fi drama starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. That experience was priced at $10, and allows the viewer a 20 minute experience aboard the Starship Avalon. Many VR gamers balked at the idea of paying $10 for what some complained was essentially a VR advertisement for the sci-fi drama.

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