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Has Windlands solved PSVR's locomotion problem?

The PlayStation VR version of Windlands has just received a major update that could potentially show the way forward for a new locomotion method featuring the PlayStation Move controllers. We've heard countless complaints since the launch of PlayStation VR that Sony made a huge blunder by not including thumbsticks on each Move controller, to allow for natural locomotion. Some PSVR owners have been pleading with Sony to release new Move controllers that would add thumbsticks for this very purpose.

The developers of Windlands, Psytec Games, have potentially figured out a way around this problem. They've provided several locomotion options, but the one that gives us the most hope for the future, is where you use the square and X buttons to control your movement. Using your left Move controller, square moves you forward, and X moves you backward. On the right Move controller, the buttons allow you to turn and strafe. Certainly this new control method will require some getting used to, and some players have already expressed their frustrations. Some even going back to their DualShock 4's. Still, with Skyrim VR approaching this November, it would be really nice if somebody could figure out a locomotion idea using the existing Moves, that while maybe isn't perfect, is decent enough to help make these types of games more playable.


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