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Arizona Sunshine is the new No.1 HTC Vive game!

Arizona Sunshine by Vertigo Games for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR



Our initial HTC Vive rankings had Vanishing Realms as the No.1 HTC Vive game with Arizona Sunshine a close second. The newest update has the two games switching places. It's only a movement of a single slot, but Vertigo Games Arizona Sunshine now has the top spot, at least for this week anyways.

Most will agree, that at this early stage in the adoption of Virtual Reality, there are only a handful of pseudo Triple A games available. Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation VR and Robo Recall on Oculus Rift are two of the best examples we have. Raw Data and Arizona Sunshine, games compatible with both Vive and Rift, (coming soon for PSVR!) also qualify for this pseudo Triple A category. What is it specifically about Arizona Sunshine that put that game on more submissions than any other Vive game ? Personally, I think it's how the overall experience comes together to be greater than the sum of it's parts. The game has production values that we don't see very often in most VR titles. Your character has a voice, and he will keep a running dialogue as you move throughout the world. Some say that voicing a character that is supposed to be yourself is a very bad idea, and totally immersion breaking. I understand the immersion breaking concerns, but it still does add a little something extra to the experience.

Disagree with this ranking ? Well check out the Top 100 HTC Vive Games ranking and see how you would rank them differently. Then submit your own rankings and make your voice heard.


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