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Does Skyrim VR have a huge problem with Scale?

To the delight of PlayStation VR fans everywhere, Skyrim VR was revealed to the world at Sony's recent e3 showcase. PSVR gamers can't wait to get their hands on Bethesda's groundbreaking title. Despite all this enthusiasm, there is a bit of concern from some within the VR industry that the game has a real problem with "scale". A number of show goers that were able to get hands on with the game at Bethesda's booth have reported that the scale of distant objects didn't seem right, and it took them out of the experience to some degree. Jeremy Williams, from Tested, was particularly bothered by the experience. On a recent episode of their podcast "This is just a Test", Jeremy discussed at length some of the issues that troubled him about Bethesda's new VR games, Skyrim in particular:

"The scale is wack! I don't know if it's uh... the camera is zoomed in? Because the whole world feels compressed, in Z. So it's like... things that are 20 feet in the distance, feel almost two dimensional, and then as I walk towards them they expand. And everything is also somewhat shrunken in the distance... So, like a doorway looks like a mouse hole, and as I move towards it, it does expand and I say, Oh, I can fit through that"

Jeremy went on to wonder if possibly this had something to do with getting the game working on the PlayStation with it's limited memory resources. Jeff Cannata, another podcaster very passionate about the VR industry has also expressed some concerns with the game. For Jeff, the low resolution of the game, and frustration with shortcomings concerning the Move controllers marred an otherwise awe inspiring experience. Still, despite all the ramblings of negativity, I think we need to give Bethesda the benefit of doubt, and let's wait and see what the final version of the game is like. Often times, e3 demos are very early builds of the game that might not be completely representative of the final version.

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