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Is L.A. Noire coming to VR platforms?

Although completely unsubstantiated, rumors are currently swirling about the possibility of L.A. Noire coming to VR platforms. When you think about the gameplay for the game, it actually does make some sense. So, what is the actual source of this juicy rumor ? Liam Robertson from WWG has been following supposed leaks on Twitter about a Nintendo Switch version of L.A. Noire since January. Then another tipster mentioned that there was going to be an official remaster of the game coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and that this special remaster would also feature a 1st person mode, like what was offered up for Grand Theft Auto 5. Except, the juiciest tidbit of all, is the fact that there will even be a VR mode potentially included. Liam Robertson claims to have heard from three separate sources close to Rockstar that a VR version had been prototyped for the PlayStation release of the game.

Could a VR version of L.A. Noire be coming to PSVR as early as September? If it's coming to PlayStation VR, then surely it would come to the PC VR platforms as well, right ? Well, for now, all of this is completely unsubstantiated rumors. Rockstar hasn't announced any VR related products, and the CEO of Take 2, Strauss Zelnick, has been mostly anti-VR if anything. Strauss Zelnick said in the past that 2K wouldn't be aggressive in the VR space, because he didn't think the average consumer was willing to "dedicate a room to VR". We have received two VR releases from 2K. Carnival Games VR by Cat Daddy Games as well as the NBA 2K VR experience. So, certainly anything is possible. Still, these rumors are about as unconfimred as it gets, so take all of this with a large boulder of Sodium.


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