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Put your Roller Skates on, Vindicta's here!

On June 20th, Vindicta arrived on Steam for an introductory price of $20.09. It's currently discounted 33 percent off it's normal price of $29.99. The game is coming to us by way of the Game Cooks. The game is a shooter, but not of the "wave" variety. Luckily, this one is more of a real adventure, in which you're moving from one area to another, trying to achieve various objectives. The story is relatively light weight, not a ton going on there, but the game does feature voice acting, and there is some semblance of a plot. You're infiltrating UB Industries facilities, and trying to kill every murderous robot on site.

The real key to the game is the locomotion. Vindicta is one of the first mainstream VR games to incorporate the arm-swinging style of movement. Basically, you simply move your arms as if you were jogging in place. Game Cooks provides two different options. You can move in the direction your arms are facing, or in the direction you're looking at. If you choose the arm facing option, this frees you to look around with your head while moving in another direction. Especially useful when you have killer robots in all four corners of the room shooting at you simultaneously.

The other beautiful thing about this locomotion style is simply the "flow' and gracefulness of the whole thing. It's as if you're rollerskating throughout the levels, and moving around with the greatest of ease. The added benefit of moving your arms like a crazy person (to anybody outside of the headset), is the fact that it puts you into the experience more. My immersion level is heightened. Of course, I have to be honest and mention the fact that eventually your arms will start to get tired. Still, one of the greatest compliments I can give any game, is that I keep wanting to play it every time I turn my Vive unit on. It's the first game I want to fire up when I get the headset on and I'm ready to go.

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