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Joshua Bell's VR experience for PlayStation VR shows how 360 video should be done...

Usually when I tell a fellow VR aficionado about a great 360 VR video experience, they look at me incredulously and roll their eyes back into their heads. It's not surprising, considering that so much of the 360 video stuff just doesn't hold up when you actually get the headset on and check it out. Nine times out of ten it's a blurry pixelated mess, and you can only imagine how good it might look when we have much higher resolution headsets and a new 360 video format.

Well, The Joshua Bell VR Experience is not your normal 360 video. A number of different tricks and techniques were used to trick the viewer into perceiving a 360 video experience that looks significantly better than any they might have seen before. It's as if award winning violinist Joshua Bell is standing just a few feet away from me. So, it's not too surprising that this 360 Video actually made the Top 30 VR Experiences - All Platforms list at No.19 overall. If you have access to a PSVR headset, I strongly recommend trying this out.

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