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GORN coming to Early Access on July 10th!

GORN is officially coming to Steam Early Access on July 10th. The developer of the game is Free Lives, and Devolver Digital will be handling the publishing. Free Lives, previously developed Broforce and Genital Jousting. There isn't an official word on pricing yet, but it's rumored to have a regular price of $19.99, with an introductory launch price of around $15.

We've already been ranking GORN in the Top 100 HTC Vive games list, in fact, right now it's ranked at No. 21 overall. How could we possibly rank a game that isn't even released yet ? That's a good question actually. We've basically made a special exception for GORN, simply because we keep seeing it on Top 20 list after Top 20 list. Even though the game isn't even legitimately available yet, we couldn't help ourselves and started ranking it. So many VR gamers have absolutely sworn by the hilariously visceral action that GORN brings to the table. Now, starting on July 10th, everybody else will get a chance to sample the ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator.

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