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Sales are contagious! Sony joins the party with PlayStation VR game discounts!

First we had the Oculus Summer Sale, then we had the Steam Summer Sale, and now Sony is getting in on the act as well. They have recently discounted a ton of their digital downloads on the USA version of PSN. Pictured above is PlayStation VR Worlds, a game that has held firm to it's $39.99 price for a very long time. Finally, those that have been holding out can rejoice, because you can have this super high quality PSVR game for a mere 18 bucks. (14 bucks if you have Plus!)

I still remember playing through the action sequence in London Heist. Easily one of the more powerful and impressive demonstrations of VR that I've seen so far. This game is a great value at only $18.

Bound, a game that I will continue to champion till my dying day, has been reduced to 10 bucks during this sale. ($8 if you have plus) It's a love it or hate it game, but I really think people should give it a shot.

Battlezone by Rebellion, is another game that many have been hoping would go on sale. You can grab the digital version for $24, or $20 if you have Plus. Battlezone recently arrived on Steam and Oculus Store, and is discounted in some of those sales as well.

A couple of other games to possibly consider in this sale are Pixel Gear and Tumble VR. Pixel Gear, a colorful wave shooter that has some nostalgic charm is only $5.50. Tumble VR, is probably one of the most underrated PSVR games in existence. Most are unaware that Supermassive Games handled development duties of Tumble VR for Sony. The highly respected developer of Rush of Blood, and upcoming games Bravo Team and The Inpatient. Tumble is a mere 5 spot, and absolutely well worth your time.

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